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Welcome to SHEEBA – your agile partner in pioneering remediation solutions for contaminated groundwater, water treatment, sediment management, and treatment of excavated contaminated soil.

At SHEEBA, we see every project, regardless of its size and complexity, as a canvas for innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our clientele spans government agencies, consultants, contractors, and site owners grappling with complex contamination issues.


Our expertise is centred on the strategic planning and implementation of in-situ remediation, an approach that foregoes traditional excavation. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt technologies skilfully, tailoring them to meet the distinct challenges posed by each site. This innovative and flexible methodology has empowered us to successfully reclaim sites once deemed irrecoverable, whether due to extreme contamination levels or prohibitive remediation costs.


We've been instrumental in introducing and refining various technologies in the Scandinavian market, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in environmental remediation. Our commitment to research and development keeps us at the forefront of technological innovation in our field.


Jonny Bergman

A pioneer in in-situ remediation, Jonny Bergman has spent his career bringing new in-situ technologies to Sweden and evolving existing ones to meet local conditions. With a track record dating back to the 1990s, he has an extensive portfolio of reference projects and is a sought-after expert in all types of in-situ remediation. Jonny is also a co-author of several benchmark reports in soil and groundwater remediation.

Helena Nord

Is one of Sweden's most distinguished project managers in in-situ remediation. Over a decade in the industry, she has overseen over 30 in-situ projects, incorporating methods new to Scandinavia. A regular speaker at national and international conferences, Helena is also a key contributor to industry training initiatives.


From the 1990s to today, our team has spearheaded numerous projects under various banners.

Norra Djurgårdsstaden - Ropsten

Here, we devised ground-breaking remediation solutions, unprecedented in Sweden, cutting costs by 70% (approximately €100 million). Our comprehensive investigations and pilot tests enabled us to remediate around 500,000 m³ of soil down to 20 meters, tackling PAHs and chemical oxidation under challenging geological conditions.

Norra Djursgårdsstaden - MLC

Our innovative design of an automated water treatment plant for contaminated water significantly reduced environmental impact in large development projects. The plant, designed to handle both organic and heavy metal pollution, marked a significant cost-saving achievement.

Kv Gjutaren - Kungälv

In this residential development project, we installed a barrier with colloidal activated carbon and zero-valent iron, effectively preventing the spread of chlorinated contamination, despite complex underground infrastructures and construction activities.

Värnamo Dry Cleaning site

Here, we executed biological degradation of chlorinated solvents, reducing contamination in the groundwater source area by over 99.9% and in the municipal drinking water outlet by approximately 50% over the first 2 years.

Hjortsberga Sawmill

Following timber protection, we addressed dioxin and pentachlorophenol contamination through innovative in-situ techniques like chemical oxidation and anaerobic biodegradation.


An oil storage explosion led to extensive contamination. We developed injection technologies for this challenging geography, focusing on chemical oxidation and biological degradation.


Tasked with remediating 100,000 tons of sandy soil at an oil depot, we employed multiphase extraction, air sparging, and excavation of hotspots, achieving remedial targets at a remarkably low cost.


Here, we utilized aerobic biodegradation, chemical oxidation, air sparging, and vacuum extraction to tackle oil pollution, employing newer techniques like chemical oxidation on excavated soil masses.


In an old gas bell contaminated with heavy metals, oil hydrocarbons, PAHs, and cyanide, our water treatment plant effectively treated the water, surpassing stringent emission standards.


At this former sawmill, we managed the Swedish record levels of dioxin in soil, employing excavation and dredging techniques for soil treatment.

Lappeenranta - Finland

Faced with fast-flowing groundwater carrying chlorinated solvents, we implemented biological decomposition and a barrier with colloidal activated carbon, significantly reducing contaminant levels.

Ogoniland - Nigeria

In one of the world's most severe pollution scenarios, we collaborated with local contractors, training personnel, and treating oil-contaminated soil on-site to mitigate environmental damage.

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